Stockmgr is an online inventory management system (IMS) which I am developing for my final year project at university. It will include much of the functionality found in existing online IMSs and will hopefully be developed into a full project for public release.
Expected Features
Easily manage stock, suppliers and customers through a simple user interface.
Create detailed reports and sales history to assist in the creation of stock policy.
Support for multiple users with various access privileges.
Generate purchase and sales orders or use the Point of Sale terminal to immediately process sales.
Implemented as a single page application (using Angular.js) for a fluid user experience.
Modern design.
RESTful public API to allow integration of the system into third party websites.
Multi layered architecture to allow any database to be used with the system with minimal extra effort.
System available online (hosted) or can be downloaded and hosted locally.

My final year project is not only the largest piece of work I have undertaken at university to date, but also an opportunity to work independently, with whatever technologies I like, to produce something that really shows what I am capable of.

For my project, I chose to do an inventory management system (IMS). While not the most groundbreaking of projects, I knew that it would allow me to put into practice a range of familiar skills and also presented the perfect opportunity to learn some new skills that hadn’t been covered at university and that I haven’t experienced before.

The project will consist of both a working application and a report containing a full write up of the project and appropriate documentation.

Depending on how far advanced the project is at the time of submission and other time commitments following graduation, I would very much like to continue developing the system and eventually host it publicly!

The final report (and possibly the source code) will be made available soon after the project is submitted.